Saemangeum, the special land

Iksan Jeollabuk-do, in South Korea is province which is said to be rich in agriculture practice and culture. As per change to my daily schedule, I had a chance to visit one of the beautiful places in Korea. Attending annual general meeting of Nepalese Student Association “SONSIK” was quite fun. Short sightseeing tour organized by Samdong international who helped in the management of SONSIK AGM was appreciable.
From the prehistoric period the agricultural practice there seemed to be technical and innovative. In my opinion our country agricultural system can also be technically improved so as to reduce labor and increase product and quality of crops, vegetables and fruits. Here, I would like to share my travelling experience. It explained that “Saemangeum” includes the largest farming area in Korea and the Mid west sea. The Sea Islands, plains and mountains are in perfect harmony. It is a fertile land,that has served as the country’s water storage and produce plentiful of grain. It is renowned as “the best rice producing area. This is the very field that saved the whole country from poor harvest years and “the country’s essential repository”.
After short visit to “Saemangeum” we had a Korea traditional food which was delicious. Flavor and taste of vegetables and rice were fresh. Soyebean paste soup along with fish and Korean rice was good combination to have in a hot and sunny day.
Overall, SONSIK AGM and visit to Saemangeum was memorable trip in the year 2012. They are also celebrating internal tourism to this place. If you are interested and have time this place is worth to visit once.
I have also attached pictures of some moments. Please enjoy.

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