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Let’s be reasonable and united

Pursuit of happiness is wanted by all and sought after. Our country Nepal is


Our country Nepal is in catastrophe, due to devastating earthquake that took place at


I heard time heals the wound however deep or corrosive it may be. However,


Cricket was never my cup of tea from my childhood days, though my brothers


Soul-mates; as said are made in heaven. Respect, trust, and love comes in a

Happy New Year 2014

Year 2013 was a year which added value to my life, it taught me


I was wondering if there is a thing called destiny. Well as many I

First time; experiences

It’s been a wonderful month for me with few changes, new place, and new


Falling in love is something that human has no control upon. It happens when

How I learnt to talk with plants?

Plant pathology

Wishing for merrier New Year


Book that should be in your collection

One of the best books that we should read is “Phool ko akhama”. This