Thought of the month April

Spring is coming with happiness. Tolling upon the streets now I could feel the change. Nature is about to change. Colorful pavilions, gardens and trees. Fragrance of these flowers is good for our health and it also brings luck and happiness in our life. Life is really wonderful. Though weather keeps on changing spring is the best of all seasons. When first sunlight touches the dew drop over the flowers its gives dazzling shine which makes our heart beat faster like when we had our first infatuation in early teens. It must be the nature’s gift to the mankind. It must be handled with care otherwise it may not last long. Beautiful season is approaching, we should enjoy this refreshing and beautiful nature. We should enjoy the nature and make our life colorful with colorful wardrobes. It is time to hit the shopping streets Myeongdong, Dongdemoon, and shopping complexes nearby for new clothes. Korea’s Largest Cherry Blossom Festival in Jinhae has been started so if you are interested it is better way to celebrate season of spring with blossom of cheeries. I hope everyone’s life would blossom as cherry. Seeing these beautiful flowers really invigorates me. I must say spring is full of compassion, love and life. Along with spring New Year 2069 is approaching. I would like to wish you all Happy NEW Year 2069. May this New Year will full all your aspirations, may your life be filled with happiness. Looking towards new goals and resolutions,I hope everyone can be fulfill their quest. Be happy and be good.

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