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Holi: Festival of colors

“Holi” is festival of color, friendship and love. This festival also marks happiness, justice

Sweet chit chats with pop icon “Raju Lama”

Charismatic personality and god gifted voice has made Raju Lama one of the popular

Vision Korea 2011; Problems and solution of Asian students studying in Korea

Vision Korea Project 2011 was organized together by Asia exchange association, Ministry of public

Cultural promotion among different countries students

Performed inside Kangwon National University. Chuncheon One of the program for sharing culture betwen different

Beautiful story

KBS chuncheon (aramdawan bhabsaan) featured this programme. The main theme of this programme was

Promoting tourism year 2011 at Altogether Top talent at chuncheon Korea.

Cultural dance performance

Must watch

For promoting visit Nepal year 2011