Documentary: “Buddha Born in Nepal” to be held on 11th March 2012 at Seoul

For centuries there has been misunderstanding about birth place of Buddha; World peace founder. Few years back when asked about it many Koreans answered me that birth place of Buddha is India, while hearing this answer I was quite surprised and felt hurt. However, today I am glad to say that such misunderstanding has been minimized a lot. It’s my great pleasure to announce that this march 11th  at Jogyesa, Jonggak station (subway line no 1, exit no2) a Documentary: BUDHA BORN IN NEPAL is going to be shown as a part of tourism program to promote about Buddha (World Peace Founder) birth place Lumbini, Nepal. This program is organized by NRN Korea along with support of different other organizations in Korea. Wherever we are whatever we do we are always ready to support good work and goodwill. Let’s support the good cause as every single effort can be a brick to success. The information given by former ambassador regarding the documentary is shown below.

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