Friendship; friends are true gems of our life.

Friendship comes in every shape and size. Friends are the most precious gift human can ever have. It is so true that though we cannot choose our family we can choose our friends. We talk, we play, we joke, we walk, we laugh, we cry, we play pranks on others together; we stand for and with each other. We are friends. Good friends are the one who walks in when whole world walk out on you. They will accept you as you are. They know your weakness but will always encourage you. However, the world now days seem to be too egocentric, people make friends for benefit, personal progress or they just use friends as things. It’s an irony truth; however, I still feel many friends are good and true. We cannot change people but we can choose with whom we want to stay. True friends are hard to find and even harder to keep. How can I describe about it? I can just say good friends are blessings to us. I hope to cherish all the moments I shared with my friends. I hope though we have not talk since long, we all have been busy with our career and work. I would like to say “Hi friends how have all been?” I hope everything is fine with you and you all are doing great? It’s a month of August, month of Friendship lets’ celebrate with shower of flowers and friends all over the world. “HAPPY FRIENDSHIP MONTH”.

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