Soul-mates; as said are made in heaven. Respect, trust, and love comes in a package, if one is lost nothing is compromised. Crystal clear are the first confessions of love. It is so obvious that unrequited loves suffers a lot. It’s really tough job to make people we like fall in love with us. Sometime it’s vice versa. It is said marriages are made in heaven, is that so. Life takes rolls and tolls and many things happen beyond expectations. That’s what makes life interesting and challenging. Courage to take challenges, express the consistent wishes is indeed praise able. Love is beautiful feeling. We should love nature, our culture, beautiful things and everyone. Love at first sights are rare now a days, however, there are miracles. This is month of February, one of the most romantic month. Let’s cherish and flourish our bunch of love to one, who really deserves. Time is unstoppable, so is feeling of love, once you truly love someone, it always remains, multiplies, and extends. Being loved and to love is the most wonderful, and alluring feeling. Expressing this feeling in different way is also an art. Earlier times, people used to express their feelings with poetry, art, gifts. Some what in this modern era it’s different, expression of love is also highly influenced by technology, dedications through songs, message, gift from internet and all. Whatever is the way it’s desirable. We love our family, friend and someone who is special one. Today is the day of celebrating love between that special someone and also why not with our dear and near friends too. Wish all the lovely people Happy Valentine Day. Shower your love and always be happy. Enjoy few love songs along to make your day more happier.

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