Let’s vote for Pushpa Basnet CNN hero 2012

Simplicity, purity and pleasant personality is what I can see and describe Pushpa Basnet. Mother of those children whose were forced to live their life inside prison with their parents. Her courage and will power to give bright future those innocent children are not just praiseworthy but truly acknowledged. She is real fighter who is devoting her precious part of her life to bring smile in the face of those children. “Hats off “to her work, vision and courage which is helping to prepare better citizen of Nepal in future. Meeting her personally was great pleasure. I feel so proud that her good work has been recognized. Thus, she has been nominated for the award CNN hero 2012. This makes us proud as a before Anuradha Koirala one of the prominent social worker in Nepal helping trafficked girls also won CNN hero award. I truly wish Pushpa Basnet would make it to title. Let’s vote for her to help from our part. Though they are already winners in heart of many people, this award will be dignity and pride of our country. Let’s support her with our continuous voting which is due this November and only 36 days left.
Easiest way to vote for Pushpa Basnet as CNN Hero:
1.Click on Pushpa Basnet. Connect using Facebook,
2. Hit Backspace and connect using Facebook
Repeat 2 until you are done!!
CNN Heroes 2012

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