Pyeongchang, Winter Olympic Game City

Early July 2011 “Pyeongchang” won the bid to conduct the Winter Olympics. It was great news for not only to Koreans but also for all Asians. Of the 21 winter games held since 1924, 19 have been held in outside Asia and 2 games in Asia (Saporo and Nagano) and this will be first time that South Korea will host winter game in 2018.  It’s great achievement for the future of Asia. Korean government believes that the 2018 winter games in Pyeongchang will leave a unique and lasting legacy for generations to come. It may be inspirations to young generations to flourish their dreams and hope. It may provide potential, opportunity, and hope to all Asians. Besides watching winter games beautiful places in around Pyeonchang can be explored. Some of the best places you can visit once you are in “Pyeongchang” can be

1) Daegwanryeong Ranch

2) Present and Future in Firs Road in Woljeong Temple

3) The Home of Herb Scents, Herbnara

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Personally, I have attended the Ski camp for foreign students for promoting it for winter Olympics moreover; I have also visited to herbnara. I went there with one of my Korean friend who learnt Nepalese language with me. I must say herbnara is place for the naturalist, the person who loves flowers and nature. I was attracted by the tulip plantation over there. It was also one of the best experiences I had during my stay in South Korea. I would like to encourage you all for visiting the beautiful places nearby Pyeonchang.

“Go Pyeongchang Go”


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