Promotional event for promoting “Arirang “

There is ongoing event for promoting “Arirang” at National Folk Museum Seoul, South Korea from 4-4 to 5 -21. “Arirang “is the song of Korean people. It deciphers the pain, courage and gives hope and aspirations for homeless and hopeless. Visit to museum was quite exciting and fun. Before I didn’t know that there were varieties of “Arirang”. I was quite surprised listening varieties of these songs. Some was quite melodious; some were full of enthusiasm while most of them expressed the pain and sufferings people suffered. Feelings in these “Arirang” were heart-touching some songs nearly brought tears in my eyes it bore so much of loneliness. Many young students and all age people were enjoying the music and theme of museum. This is dear to every Korean and it will remain as a legacy to them for generations to come. For more information on “Arirang” you can go for the site below. Some pictures inside the museum are as below.


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