Trip to East Sea

Trip to East Sea (2008-6-4)

Time flows like a river, never to be returned, who knows what life has stored for us. Trip to east-sea as I can describe; journey of eternity, felt like pursuit of happiness longed was fulfilled. I always wished to walk along sea beaches by bare foots. This dream of mine finally came to

be real there. I walked along the seashore (beaches) of east-sea. I could feel the smoothness of the brilliant sands all along the shores. It was extra ordinarily amazing, refreshing and cool. When sea waves touched my feet, kind of energy revived to start again to fight back all the hurdles of life, raise high and fly all along the blue sky. New vibes and rhythm ran all along my veins. I wonder how beautiful is nature? How true? How flawless? I wish I could be as silent and flawless as nature and hope didn’t have hurt anyone. Moreover, I could also enjoy the cool breezes coming through blue Ocean and took lots of photographs as memoirs of my trip to east-sea. Truly, travelling holds a lot and beauty of nature could be explored. However, beauty lies in the eye of beholder.

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