Experience of Yeosu Expo 2012

Yeosu expo is ongoing (5/12-8/12). It was interesting visit to Yeosu expo. I could enjoy beautiful scenery of Ohdong Island, sea breeze and beautiful view of sea from lighthouse. I felt very close to nature and life underneath sea. Ocean world is full of secrets, surprises and unique creatures. The moment I was there how I wished if our country was not landlocked and we also had an ocean. There, we could also see and observe how different country has their own story of ocean and little and more about their culture. History, present and future of ocean were uniquely portrayed there. Future of ocean drew my curiosity. Ship house, use of solar energy, and agriculture system in ship house and many more uses of sea was conceptualized. This theme seemed a solution to future problems this earth may face. I was also quite impressed by a group of musician who entertained with us with their melodious music. Their Arirang instrumental was great. Besides, there were outstanding performance by different artist; I must say Big-O show was outstanding and finished with great surprise for all spectators. Two days trip to Yeosu was worth it. Mother Nature is great too many things could be explored and learned. The more we know the more inquisitiveness occurs. I feel like there is no end to gather knowledge, there is still more to learn and know. I summed up few performances in the video below and some wonderful pictures with my friends ok Korea Brand communicators. I also enjoyed delicacy as fresh raw fish (called Whey in Korean) in local fish market there with my friends. Summing up it was nice experience to explore ocean world and different performances there at Yeosu expo. I have also attached video clips that I could see there. Please enjoy the moment.

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