Visit Nepal 2011

Visit Nepal 2011

Nepal, paradise one can experience in a life time. Often, pronounced as close to heaven and “Country of Gorkhas”. Small but the country with pride, diverse culture and historical value; our Nepal confines the catch of every tourist all over the world. The highest peak in the world Mt Everest lies here exploring the heights of the space. World peace founder Lord “Gautam Buddha” birthplace; Lumbini is in Nepal. 10 world heritage sites are located here among which 7 lies within the Kathmandu Valley. It’s one of the amazing facts.

Exploring history, cultural experiences, natural beauty and enjoying exciting and extravagant sports makes really difference. Moreover, everyone can enjoy family environment with warm and loving people in Nepal who are always ready to help the visitors. In our country, guest are treated as god as the saying goes “Athiti Devo Bhava” meaning guests should be treated with full hospitality and honor.

If you are planning for vacation, Why not to plan your trip to beautiful Nepal? Please Visit Nepal. Your presence in Nepal would really make a difference. We are celebrating Visit Nepal 2011 year. Some, useful sites for further information is attached below.

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