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Tteok preparation at Tteok museum

Tteok is traditional rice cake of Korea made with glutinous rice flour. It has

Experiencing preparation of sweet potato rice cake

Recipe for the cake preparation was quite simple Rice floor 2 boiled sweet potato

Cultural promotion among different countries students

Performed inside Kangwon National University. Chuncheon One of the program for sharing culture betwen different

Congratulations !!! Pyeongchang

Winter Olympic 2018

Dashain and Tihar

Dashian and Tihar are two great festivals; celebrated in Nepal. Blessing, harmony, peace and

Promoting tourism year 2011 at Altogether Top talent at chuncheon Korea.

Cultural dance performance

Happy New Year B.S 2068

Once again new spring began marking the upcoming of new year with new hopes,

Scientists crack secrets of Mona Lisa

PARIS — The enigmatic smile remains a mystery, but French scientists say they have

Pioneers; Women Plant Pathologist

Pioneers: Women Plant Pathologist One sunny day I was wondering through the wide fields

Visit Nepal 2011

Visit Nepal 2011 Nepal, paradise one can experience in a life time. Often, pronounced


Wonderful is the world as wonderful the smile of a little child. Who says