Our country Nepal is in catastrophe, due to devastating earthquake that took place at 25th April and 12th May 2015. We lost our historic monuments, many people lost their houses, family and property. Infra structure of our country suffered a terrible lost. This tragedy has caused mental trauma in many of us. I feel very terrible remembering this event. It feels like we survived but till when. It’s already been weeks from first hit of earthquake I feel as we are awaiting another terrible moment to come. One question always hit my mind will this end or there is lot more to come along with suffering. Our country is now in turmoil, it may take ages to be out in normal condition. Thousands lost their life and injured, and millions became homeless. Lots of rescue and foreign aid is here to help us. Slowly all the victims are getting the relief and facility provided by the government. Many countries, individuals’ organization and celebrity have promised for financial aid however, I wonder if it is used properly in proper place. It makes me very sad to realize that our country lacks a good leader who can handle situation wisely and perfectly. This time I would just like to pray for, our country and countrymen, let us be strong and fight back this situation though it’s not an easy task to do.

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