“Tihar” Festival of light, love and flowers.

No wonder changing weather and seasons take any time. It’s been a long time, I missed all those fun we had in the festival of “Tihar”; the most delightful festival of all. Nepalese celebrate (hindu religion) this festival for 5 days. Tihar is the second biggest festival celebrated in Nepal and has cultural, spiritual and social value. It’s festival of light, flowers, fruits and cherishing relationship of brother and sister. This festival teaches every child that we should love nature, animal and cherish the relationship of sister and brother. I love this festival among all. This festival has its own charm. I love to make the flower garland, decorate the house with flowers and candle lights or electric lights. It’s so much fun to cook delicacies for our beloved brother and sister. Going shopping for buying gifts for brothers, making foods, flowers and chit chat and playing games with them is so much fun. It’s been a while that I missed these things here in Korea. However, I enjoyed cooking foods and inviting some brothers here too so that though being in foreign land we can feel the positive vibes of celebrating this festival. Most of us are busy in preparing feast and also entertaining ourselves. There is very interesting culture of going house to house and playing “deusi” and “bhaili”. It’s a part of festival where we enjoy the song and dance and we exchange blessing with each other for happy and prosperous life. We should cherish these moments, preserve our culture and enjoy the warmth of this festival. Wish you all “Happy Tihar”. Some glances of Tihar in Nepal.

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