I heard time heals the wound however deep or corrosive it may be. However, scars remains for life time. These scars are the most hurtful and haunt us a lot. Along with time we move on and let go of our past mistakes, and failures. Each and every step teaches us to deal with the situations and control our emotion. That’s why it is said that we should listen to folks not because they are correct because they have lots of experience. In life there are no shortcuts, we need to work for what we get. People often mistakes that somebody who are successful are successful because of luck. Every smiling face doesn’t mean they were never hurt or they never worked hard for what they have now. It means though they had a hard time, though they were hurt, they worked for it and they forgive, and move on. They still have a smile in their face because they put all the effort and never deceived other. I have seen that people who are jealous tend to act good in front and gossips later. Action speaks louder than words, indeed it does. Some people have tendency to just talk big while work a penny. I believe that a little bit of work than boasting, being jealous, and backbiting is worthy. We should never compete with others rather with ourselves. We should work on our weakness, we should try to do better each step we move forward. This month I am more determined to fulfill some of my dreams and never look back on those who are jealous, talk sweet, and act harsh. I am free, and I am more determined than ever; my thrust to work to fulfill my dreams. I believe I can accomplish what I have already started. I wish everyone get the power to tolerate scorching heat this summer.

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