Wonderful is the world as wonderful the smile of a little child. Who says life is a dark hologram full of struggle and failure. Can’t you see “ Every dark cloud has a sliver lining.” There is always a beautiful morning after dark nights. The greatest mistake in life is not, making mistake but not learning from the mistake we make. Everyone knows failure is the first step of success but no one one’s to admit it. Learn from your mistakes. As “rolling stones gathers no moss “ try to learn to be stable, goal oriented and focused. Don’t be kind “Jack of all and the master of none .” We all know that “Rome was not built in a day” so as our career and life will not be in our hands at the blink of our eye . We need to work hard for achieving that. It is said that ”God helps those who helps themselves” so what are you thinking.” Get started help yourself. Get started now onwards

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