Dreaming and living goes hand – hand to me. Dreams are great supporters of my inner views, thought and thinking. My dreams aspires me, give me new hope, and make me enthusiastic and cheerful. Dreams of high aspirations, romantic foolishness, childish behavior, fairy tales and beautiful places cannot be expressed in few words. My dreams have no boundaries, no limitations. It’s my best friend. No deception, no liabilities, no pain and flawless. I wish to fly high and flow all along like a river. Whenever and whatever hard befalls my dreams always makes me aware of many facts. It always warns me to move positively in positive direction. It keeps on inspiring me to move forward to gain whatever I aimed for; love of my life, my career and many social works that I really want to do.

Sometime I wonder where my dreams will take me. Then I realize that dreams are just here to show me the path but I should always step in reality. Reality really punches me hard. It’s far beyond my dreams. The high hopes, the bitter reality of life is really unbearable. It shakes my imagination pondering dreams upon reality. Both of them are two different worlds. No matter how hard I try I can never change the facts. However, I shall never stop dreaming because its  encouragement to the better life.

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