Dashain; time to celebrate

Long dark nights always makes us feel how important is sunny days. Truth always prevail lie and good always win over bad. “Dashain” symbolizes these above sayings. It’s our great festival, celebration goes on for 10 days and final day we seek blessing from our elders. This is the best time for gathering of family who are far apart and busy in day to day doings. Weather is good at this time. Farmers are also done with the harvesting. Schools, colleges and offices are closed. There is festive mood in the air. Once again I miss those moments as a child when we used to go for kites war and think of getting large sum of money so we can buy candies and dolls. Those innocent minds of children are really cute. This time is the best time for celebration, friendship and forgetting envies and devil thoughts. I would like to wish you all prosperous and great Dashain 2069. Enjoy some dashain music

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