Falling in love is something that human has no control upon. It happens when it has to happen. Well! For some it may be love at first sight while for others it takes many years. Meanwhile, for some it’s just a sacrifice. It’s matter of heart rather than head. Well! Its most beautiful feeling that cannot be expressed in words. Love is life and life is love. There are various kinds of love. Selfless love is the most wonderful ones, no expectations and no rules. I remember one of my friends expressing that sometime in life love is not enough to live and choose a person as a life partner. Well I am not sure how true it is?  I always believed that love is the only thing needed to have a happy life.

Sometimes, you know that this is the person you want to choose however, it cannot be expressed in words and it can never happen in reality. Well! Being loved and to love are the most wonderful phenomenon that one can experience. I saw a quotation “Love is a win win situation the more you express it the more there is to express”. Certainly there is no full stop to the love you can shower to your beloved one in one form or another.

It’s always been said that love is blind that is why I guess it never creates any boundary of nationality, color, age, caste, religion or anything else. Different stories and legends are written about true love.  However, in this modern era it’s hard to find one that really exits. Once your belief is shattered its’ really hard to gather yourself and join pieces one by one to regain it again, which in my opinion is total waste of time. Pain and happiness are part of life similar to falling in love, getting hurt, and getting over it and again falling in love. However, it’s a vicious circle of life which moves on. Right person at right time are always there for everyone. This life is beautiful don’t lose hope just because of one unsuccessful story, there might be more beautiful things waiting for you in future. Learn to grab and appreciate it.  If you don’t cherish the moment you shall loose it forever, but the moments you cherish shall remain always in your heart and mind. Life is wonderful, no matter what you should learn is to care for it. Many untold stories, unfold adventures, and many love stories are yet to come in your way. Just remember” To the world you might be one person but to one person you might be the world.”




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