Book that should be in your collection

AakhamaOne of the best books that we should read is “Phool ko akhama”. This is book describing the challenges, long journey from the dark past to fruitful bright future of Choying Dolma. Still today the social structure of our country is male dominating. There are lots of conservative thoughts. However, she is an example proving that it’s hard will power, innovative thoughts and courage to face challenge, is what makes life beautiful and valuable. I strongly support her perception towards things, people and work. Moreover, her natural charitable thoughts and struggle are admirable. I also liked her song titled “ Phool ko Akhama” . It was heart touching and when I heard it for the first time I felt that I was blessed, so may all other listeners. This books itself is reflection of her life and thoughts. I hope to listen more to her songs in future too. I believe we should also always have a positive outlook in those darkest days of our life where it seems like everything is going to be ended and there’s no reason to live. However, feeling of giving, loving and caring keeps on going and live our life though how impossible it seems to be.
I searched some of her other songs so that you can enjoy listening to it and I suggest you all to read this book.

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