First time; experiences

It’s been a wonderful month for me with few changes, new place, and new people in my life. This month I kept thinking about first experience. First impression is the last impression what most people believe and I do too. We do experience anything for the first time. First few walk of the new born baby after some month, first word they utter and so on. Likewise, we do have our first job interview, first job. First time we fall in love and first time we had heart breaks. It’s part of our experience. Word “first” makes it so special that this first experiences in our life makes us wise and strong or totally break us. It depends on how we handle situation and people. I feel like many first experiences are yet to come in life as long as we live. However, or whatever let’s make a habit to cherish beautiful moments, appreciate good things and have a positive outlook on things that drag us down. This life is for one time let’s make it valuable and beautiful.
Finally summer time is over. This summer I enjoyed sea water, beach walks, hot sun bath and cycling with my friends. These memories would dwell in my heart for life long.

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