Happy New Year 2014

Year 2013 was a year which added value to my life, it taught me many things about friendship, relationship, society, and how I could add value to our fellowmen. It’s been a wonderful year with all ups, and downs, happiness and tears; failures and success. I gained some while lost some. Reviewing 2013 I couldn’t stop thinking what has life stored for us, is it challenges, surprises, compassion, or visions? When life gives you a tears show it that there are thousands of reasons to smile. Smile and silence both starts with S and can avoid all the problems. Philosophy and reality are two different facets of life. We learn from our mistakes, grow from our weakness and flourish through our aspirations. However, there are some parts in life where we still find ourselves helpless. It’s a roundabout life as we live in round earth; What goes round comes around was what I heard?  I hope this New Year 2014 shall give us to jot down the memorable moments, challenges, surprises and success. May this year be filled with happiness and fun for all and give us reasons to smile and work hard for better world. Wish Everyone around the world jolly Happy New Year 2014. Make this your year to accomplish what you have started, to achieve what you have dreamed, and to pursue what your heart really desires !!!

Also enjoy some of the new year theme songs along.

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