June; Sometimes

Sometime it’s very difficult to decide what you really want in life. At such time it’s wise to wait and watch. Sometime you already know the answers but it’s hard to believe. However, it’s wise to realize it and let it go. Sometime life has stored lots of surprises. You never know what would happen next so always keep your eyes open. You should not regret the path you choose or things you did as once those were the things you wanted to do. Unless and until you try how can you know the answers? The answer to questions always lies within the question itself. People often judge book by its cover, thus sometime you can make mistake in knowing people. However, it’s not a big deal. Finally, I can say sometime it’s better to leave some questions unanswered, some words unspoken and some journey unexplored. Sometime I remember my friends always said whatever happens it happens for the cause. Happiness and luck can knock your door anytime, be ready for it. Long way to go, there is much to achieve. It’s not the ending my dear. It’s just beginning towards the better ending.
PS. It’s summer time, time to enjoy water, beach and games.

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