Cricket was never my cup of tea from my childhood days, though my brothers used to watch series of games and play near home garden. Well my perspective towards it changed recently, when I watched our national team playing ICC T20 World Cup in Bangladesh. I watched the games, to support our country and I turned out to like cricket itself. After a long time I felt so proud to see our country rising through sports. The enthusiasm, team work and victory they showed were prais-able. Even more I was overwhelmed by supports, fans cheering them in the stadium. I remembered my school and college days where we used to cheer for our team without caring sun, and dust. The quotes shown
Everest is shinning,
Buddha is laughing and
Nepal is winning
in games with Nepal versus Afghanistan is still fresh in my mind. The happiness these games and sportsman ship shown by our players was great. It once again proves that games like cricket and football really binds our country and countrymen and essence of Nationalism. As said by Paras Khada captain that this is just the beginning there is lot more to achieve. I wish you and your team a success in future endeavors. Make our nation proud, keep us united and make the history to be remembered in future.

Enjoy interview of our captain ..


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