Let’s be reasonable and united

Pursuit of happiness is wanted by all and sought after. Our country Nepal is facing the revolutionary changes from time to time. Either it’s in name of democracy, Federal Democratic Republic or so called federalism. From past 1 month the Terai region and some eastern region of our country is in turmoil in name of protest to get one single province for group of Terai. However, I wonder if its real wish of the general public in those region. We should be united in this situation being a Nepali rather than being discriminating as caste, region or group. Besides everything and before all we are Nepalese. The rules and regulations and constitution being passed are mostly focused on some group of people rather than general public. No one in the nation should go beyond the constitution. However, most of our nation leaders don’t seem to understand beauty and power of constitution and general public. It’s really absurd that few people who longed for power and position are blindfolded with their own selfishness and personal benefits they cannot see the problem of general public.

They are always tempering with the future of our nation i.e. especially students. Education system is getting a lot of trouble due to ongoing strikes; people are getting trouble with the daily duties and work. It’s really intolerable when the leader doesn’t have vision and talk nonsense. Those words and promises are just instating the hatred among the group of people in our country. However, I believe that our general public will realize the real motive of this strike. For the genuine cause and for our rights we need to fight, raise our voice and show demonstration. However, we need to screen if it’s really worth for who we are sacrificing our lives.

Our country Nepal has always been a sovereign nation. We are the living legend of mixture of various ethnic and religious group. Integrity in diversity is our best motto. We never knew to surrender our dignity in front of the external forces that would come to hamper our country. United We Stand I hope our country men will not be puppet of the one who wants to breaks unity in our country. We should always remember before belonging to any ethnic or group or political parties we are Nepalese. We love our country Nepal and we should always be one.

I hope very soon everyone will realize this and come to the solution of the problem our country is facing. Finally I would like to recite one beautiful Nepali song  “ Nepali hami rahaula kaha nepalnai narahe”  by Natikaji.

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