Wishing for merrier New Year

Life is itself a mystery. Sometime I wonder why are there so many things that I couldn’t understand. The more you get to know the more dangerous and mysterious it seems. We always learnt we should help needy, we should be good and do good. However, sometime I feel is it really worth to live a life that society has set for us. Why can’t we break through dogmatic life style?
On contrary, arrival of New Year 2070 has marked new era and happiness. Life is full of new hopes and enthusiasm. There are so many places to visit and explore. New people to meet, new music to listen, wonderful books to read, new food to eat, new dresses to wear, new discoveries to make, and new technologies to see.
In midst of tension between South and North Korea there is shining light of hope. I wish peace prevails in both country and there will be new positive outlook. Wish you all prosperous Happy New Year 2070. Hope there would be more such wonderful years to come and live.

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