May. time to shine

Life teaches us many things. We should explore what we want to know. Experiencing new things, living it and making other realize how worthy it is, may be the most beautiful feeling. The more you know the beauty within it the more inquisitive you will be. There are lots of hurdles and pushovers which we may go through to achieve the dream we have in our eyes. I remember one saying that do not store your dreams in your eyes they may roll down with tear instead store them in your heart so that every beat may inspire you to fulfill them. Month of May as I see spring just passed out with blink of eye and its already summer. It’s time to grow, shine more than before. It’s time for outing, games and travel. Carrying out the projects and targeting deadlines. Challenges and risk are there to be tackled. It’s so easy to fight all those hurdles just because of the sweet smiles and talk of the good friends we have. Life seems to be more and more wonderful. I wish to feel the moments that would change my entire life and I would feel proud to be who I am and make those around me proud.

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