International Students Ski Camp at Alpensia Pyeongchang

This camp was held to promote the candidate city pyeonchang for upcoming 2018 winter

Protein expression joke

Lets Laugh

For most southern blot is tool of inquiry. But for some like Hong, it is

Receipe for 10*TAE Buffer : 1Litre

Preparation of TAE buffer


New year wishes


I appreciate the effort, but next time remember we work on the squid giant axon,

CP cell preparation: 100 ml culture

Some of the simple techniques useful for students like me. Overnight 5ml subculture at

Must watch

For promoting visit Nepal year 2011


Dreaming is living!!!

Scientists crack secrets of Mona Lisa

PARIS — The enigmatic smile remains a mystery, but French scientists say they have

Trip to East Sea

Trip to East Sea (2008-6-4) Time flows like a river, never to be returned,

Pioneers; Women Plant Pathologist

Pioneers: Women Plant Pathologist One sunny day I was wondering through the wide fields