Thought of the month

Sometime it’s really difficult to understand peoples mind and thinking. We go to different places meet different kinds of people. We can’t figure it out what they are up to, it’s quite complicated procedure. Sometime we may misjudge about them for e.g. they are just caring you as a friend but you may think they really take you as someone special in your life. Most of the people will just listen what they want to hear and make the illusionary world of their own. Some time we forget to read between lines. It’s our own confusion that leads to painful results. Some time some people can create the misunderstanding. Their facial expression, body language and their way of talking and caring may results in such misunderstanding. It’s our own responsibility to avoid such confusions, however it’s really difficult to judge people just by how they look, behave and sound. In my personal opinion, the best way to know people is to spend good quality of time instead of spending longer periods. Person’s feeling and their behavior can be somewhat known by looking into their eyes. It is said eyes are the mirror of the heart.
I am not sure if this saying is really true, because in this era of 21st century people’s perspective have changed a lot. Some of them choose money, career over their love. However, the most important thing in this life is to express the feeling of love. Never stop loving each other, nature and every living creature as this beautiful world is creation of love. I have a heard a phrase as its better to be love and left than never be loved. This is the month of February, month of romance, expressions and love. It is said this is the best month of the year. Obviously, to express your feeling there is no boundary of time but this month is chosen by many to do so. Please express your feeling and shine your light upon someone you admire as time and tides waits for none. I would like to dedicate you all the beautiful song by Rihana: We found Love. Enjoy the romantic month of February.

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