Inspiring talk with inspirational personality; Rabindra Mishra

It was one of the most memorable moments of my life that I was able to meet prominent figure of our country. Rabindra Mishra, a writer, practical philanthropist and also a philanthropic journalist. Mishra is currently the head of the BBC Nepali Service. It’s not that we are not aware that we should do something for those who are needy. In schools, we always learn about social work in books. There are lots of seminars, workshops going on how to improve the livelihood of poor and needy; however, little we apply those in reality. Deep inside every heart there is a voice that we have to do but only few acts upon it. He wants to establish the practical philanthropy in our society. His works shed light on what practical philanthropy is? I have seen many foreign people and even some Nepalese friends helping the poor students in Nepal to study. This is a very good example of practical philanthropy. He shared his experience how he wanted to establish this in heart of every Nepali. During his stay in Pakistan and Britain, he saw that the poor people helped each other. He also told me that the countries like Britain, Europe and US too, there is practice of charity. His vision, work, and speech really left me spellbound. I could see that we can help each other to improve our country’s situation. He wants to create positive attitude in people to help needy people. It is said “God helps those who helps themselves”. He started this good work with himself. Now, lots of helping hands are helping him. From inner core of my heart I wish him success and may his desire to boost practical philanthropy may reach new heights in Nepal. In short, I must say, we should fulfill our responsibility as a citizen of Nepal to make it a prosperous country as this nation is not given us by our parents but lent by our children.
Please enjoy some photographs along with his speech.

Photo courtesy: Sujan Ratna Shakya

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