Promoting Visit Lumbini Year 2012 at The Buddha Nepal Introductory Program

Morning shows the day likewise Saroj Mahato is one of the rising directors who made documentary named “The Buddha” and was premiered successfully last Sunday at The Buddha Nepal Introductory Program. His work and small effort to prepare the documentary show regarding the Buddha documentary focusing the misconception of birthplace of Buddha Light of Asia. This little effort shall be the motivation to all the new generations to come. It’s a creative work and nice job done. We admire his courage and dedication to promote what is truly desirable and required today. God helps those who help themselves thus his dream effort and hard work was supported by Korean and Nepali communities here in Korea. However, if I have to critically review the documentary there are plenty of spaces for improvement. I hope he will be able to rectify all his limitations in his future work. I would like to wish him all the best in behalf of all the Nepalese community all over the world who eagerly wanted to promote birthplace of Gautam Buddha. It has been understood that the screening of the documentary will be helpful to spread the message of brotherhood, love and compassion for world peace to Korean Society as well as to meet the objectives of Nepal Government’s Visit Lumbini Year 2012.

Photo courtesy: Sujan Shakya

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