Some people are born to serve others

Living a life for others is quite appreciable and great job. I used to wonder why there are so many needy and so many poor people and why I can’t do anything? Now, I understood we can do little and support them as we can in any ways we want. Lately different inspiring personality from our country has inspired me a lot. Anuradha Korila (Founder and Executive Director of Maiti Nepal), Puspha Basnet Social worker (ECDC; Early childhood development centre) and Rabindra Mishra (Founder President of global charity, HELP NEPAL Network) .Their dedication, passion and hard work for others are appreciable. They are true heroes of our nation. It is said knowledge and love shared are doubled. True appreciation always comes within heart it just requires sweet smile and little help we can offer. Sometime I wonder if people are really appreciating them or doing it to gain popularity. Recently, I feel like there is race between people and organization to appreciate them, but I don’t mean to offend the good work. Appreciating and helping is obviously rational however, I somehow feel something is not right about bragging or exaggerating about it. Exaggeration should be minimal and work should be done more. We should also not forget that charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it. Milestones achieved by social worker are outstanding. I really felt honored to meet them in person I must say they were down to earth, dedicated and passionate. I hope to see progress in their work and it may continue. We will definitely appreciate and help them as much as we can. Now- a- days I learnt something significant to make others life meaningful.

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