Time and tides waits for none

Time and tides waits for none. Once if you make a quite stupid decision in life you can never recover from it. Choosing a right career, job, has never been an easy task. Everyone has to make a choice no matter how hard it is. It’s conflict between your brain and heart, sometime family and society or within us. However, life is trail and errors we can learn from it. Everyone thinks life is not as easy as it seems. Everyone has their own perspective in living and thinking. Life would have been far better if we would get all the things we wished however, and then it would not have been interesting. Living a life would be fun if there were no sorrow, poverty and discrimination. If there were no differences in people thought and perception there would have no World War I and World War II. Had eve not eaten an apple from the garden there would be no death and pain. Simply it would have been heavenly world with Adam and eve. Well dreams are part of life and its wonderful feeling. It’s all myth and fantasy one can feel.
Last week of this September there was celebration of “Chusak” holidays here in Korea and “Indrajatra” in Nepal. Festive mood made me think that life is celebration, dedication and passion for living an artistic life with all ups and downs. Its experience as we live and learn things as time passes by. However, some time just regrets can remain if the decision is not made in time. There may not by always a second or third chance. What’s done is done and gone is gone? However, it’s in our will power that makes us moving as someone said life is a cycle, to keep balance we should keep moving.

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