I was wondering if there is a thing called destiny. Well as many I do believe in it however, we have to work to make it on our own. It’s about timing, place, and luck. After all these years I believe that nothing in this world is for free, we should work for it. The more successful we want to be the more dedication, and hard work is necessary. Sincerity, honesty, and diligence are the true way to get aspirations and way toward successful and meaningful life. Success based on lies, cheating, and dishonesty is never long lasting. There is always a loophole in lies and faking. Empty promises, dishonesty, and fake performance can surely win people’s heart for a while but in long run the real self of people is revealed which will definitely make people lose their faith and trust in such person. I keep on wondering we hesitate to be honest, why there is buttering and people who keep on faking. I believe there must be reasons behind it to however, honesty is the best policy.

This year winter arrived earlier than usual in South Korea. Winter teaches us about endurance, preservation and preparation. As seeds of tree and flowers endure, prepare and preserve for next spring to arrive. I wish this winter would help us to endure hardships and challenges in our life too. White cottony snows shall give new outlook in this land.

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