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Numerical war is going over and over in my mind. Seconds, minutes, hours, days,

Happy New Year 2013

Perspective is what makes this world filled with different ideas and themes. Nothing in

2012.12.12… Wish you all Merry Christmas

Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh O’er the hills we

“Tihar” Festival of light, love and flowers.

No wonder changing weather and seasons take any time. It’s been a long time,

Time and tides waits for none

Time and tides waits for none. Once if you make a quite stupid decision

Some people are born to serve others

Living a life for others is quite appreciable and great job. I used to

Friendship; friends are true gems of our life.

Friendship comes in every shape and size. Friends are the most precious gift human

Hope: wonderful phrase

Everything that glitters is not gold. As we grow we come to learn that

June; Sometimes

Sometime it’s very difficult to decide what you really want in life. At such

May. time to shine

Life teaches us many things. We should explore what we want to know. Experiencing

Thought of the month April

Spring is coming with happiness. Tolling upon the streets now I could feel the

March “Thought of the month”

It’s new dawn with new beginning, new aspirations, hope, and challenges. Month of March